Legal Services for Foreign Corporations and Foreign Residents

Until recently Japanese law firms have been divided into two categories, one for domestic litigations and the other as an international liaison for international counseling. Local law firms were mainly handling disputes between Japanese citizens and Japanese corporations. On the other hand, firms specializing in international practice were merely facilitating agreements and producing necessary documents for international transactions.

Currently, the growing number of foreign corporations and foreign residents has increased the cases involving not only one party but both parties being foreign, thus, we have been made aware of the lack of law firms capable of offering appropriate counseling to foreign clients.

Lack of English language skills and cultural differences have hindered most law firms to provide foreign clients with suitable representation.

So why can’t law firms specializing as a liaison represent these clients? Firms acting as an international liaison have the language expertise; however, they lack the experience solving actual cases, especially actual experience in court representation. Therefore, they are unable to provide appropriate counsel.

Ultimately, we are faced with a real problem of foreign corporations and residents being unable to obtain adequate representation, due to the Japanese legal industry being insubstantial in this field. It has become imperative to fill this void to ensure disputes concerning foreign clients are resolved quickly and without misunderstanding.

We have been in practice for 25 years as a domestic law firm and have had substantial experience resolving local disputes. At this time, we have recognized the need for language expertise and cultural knowledge; therefore, we have established a division staffed with legal, multi-culture, and communication experts to ensure foreign corporations and foreign residents receive sufficient representation.

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