Hirohito Kaneko Attorney at Law

May 2, 1948 Born in Yokohama city
March 1972 Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
1974 Passed the national law exam
1975 Completed Post Graduated Course at Waseda Graduate School
Dissertation: Research of British Company Reconstruction Law
Field of emphasis: American and British Business Law and research on copyright law and international law.
1975-1977 Studied for LL.M
1977 Obtained license to practice, became member of Tokyo Bar Association
1979 Established Kaneko Law Firm

Major Areas of Practice:

Real Estate
Business Law and Venture Corporations
Damage and Compensation Claims
Bankruptcy, Reconstruction, and Bankruptcy Trustee
Copyright Infringement and Intellectual Property Rights
Unfair Competition
Taxation and Administrative Litigation
Tourism and Travel Law
Divorce and Inheritance


Computer and Litigations, 1984, Corporate Law Magazine
Database Protection in Internet Society, 1986, New Business Law(NBL) Magazine
Business Quiz
, 1988, Publishers Tokyo Law and Economics College

Gaining Advantage When Purchasing, Selling, and Leasing Real Estate,
Latest Law for Leasers and Lessees,
1991, Publishers Shukan Jyutaku Shinbunsha

Trade Secrets of Business Law in Selling, Leasing, and Renting Real Estate, 1994,Publishers Zaikei Shoho Company

Practical Business and Real Estate Questions and Answers, 2003, Publishers Seibunsha Co.


Currently, serving as executive officer of Japan Prime Realty Investment Trust a corporation of Real Estate Investment Trust, REIT. Japan Prime Realty Investment Trust is in progress of being listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Community Commitment:

Have been a member of the Lions Club for over 20 years, and have founded and continued being the liaison for an elementary school in Thailand and 4 medical clinics in Vietnam.

For over 15 years I have been a supporter for:

Amnesty International
Medicins Sans Frontieres ( MSF )
Tenji Tosyokan Braille Library
Civic Duties include teaching 500 elementary school children in Yokohama City about the value of life, creation, and ecology. Every October salmon eggs are fertilized and given to each child to nurture at home until February when the newly hatched salmon are released into Tama River. These urban children learn to appreciate nature, living creatures and environmental protection.

Tea Ceremony:

"Tea Ceremony is Aesthetics of Man (Otoko No Bigaku)".

The Arts:

I have been an avid oil painter for 30 years. Every 3 or 4 years I hold an exhibit of my works at "Gallery_MOTEKI of GINZA"

This is from my sixth exhibit

Held on September, 2007


Kyoko Hijikata attorney at Law

history Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Spent 4 year in Chicago and Toronto.
Worked 6 years at Council on International Educational Exchange, U.S.
non-governmental international education organization.
Fluent in English (TOEIC score 940).
Offers legal service not only in Japanese but in English.
Kaneko Hirohito Law Office
Wako-Ginza 8-chome Bldg. 7F 8-10-4, Ginza, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061, Japan [MAP]
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