Utilization of Optimal M&A

1. Japanese companies are eager to form partnerships
with foreign companies.

As Japanese companies are currently evolving to survive the stagnated economy, it is the perfect opportunity for M&A. Whether to form joint ventures with Japanese companies or to acquire completely, the business climate is optimal.

On the other hand Japanese companies are building factories abroad, selling more products abroad and acquiring foreign companies due to the high yen rate.

Within Japan, companies offer a vast highly educated and trained technical workforce. The labor culture and work ethics are respected globally.

2. Attractive small to mid-size companies

During the last half of the previous century Japan experienced accelerated economic growth resulting in many small to mid-size companies; however, now the CEOs are at an age to retire and without an heir for their small to mid-size empire. Thus, selling the companies to foreign buyers is advantageous.

Purchasing a Japanese small to mid-size company will carry the clout of a “Made in Japan” label and what was once only sold domestically due to the sufficient domestic market being 130 million people, can now be sold to an even greater global market.

Combing the sales know-how of a foreign company with Japanese technology will result in a large borderless market.

3. Our firms M&A Department

What separates our firm from the others is that we can provide not only legal assistance, but also the search for such lucrative companies to acquire.

We can negotiate the M&A with legal finesse and business savvy. Our team is constantly curious, driven, and decisive. We provide this comprehensive legal service with decades of legal experience.

4. Investment returns from M&A

Currently, as the Japanese economy is stagnated it is the right time to purchase reasonably priced real estate, yielding high returns.

Our legal know how is much respected in turning around a risky distressed mismanaged company into a high-yield investment. Our expertise in The Civil Rehabilitation Law has resuscitated numerous small to mid-size companies.

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