Areas of Practice

We have been in practice for a quarter of a century and have had numerous victories in court, due to our expertise in domestic jurisdiction. As Japanese law firms are divided into two categories one for domestic in-court litigations and creating legal documents and the other as a liaison counsel for international disputes and cross boarder business transactions, we are able to provide you with a service that combine the two in order to win your disputes in trial. We have been strategists in court representation and as the need for multinational legal assistance continues to increase in Japan our team will represent each case to give you the best advantage in court. Furthermore, we use skilled judgment calling on other counsels to help us win complicated, unique, and large scale cases.

Outsourcing Debt Collection

Pre-Legal collection of debt
Outsourcing domestic debt collection and international debt collection

Real Estate

Buying/Selling Property
Public Auction of Property
Lease Disputes
Mortgage Disputes
The right of view and walkway disputes

Company Start Up and Maintenance

Corporate Start Up
Management Support
Employee related problems
Shareholder counter measures
Creditor counter measures
Consumer counter measures

Company Reconstruction and Bankruptcy

Company and Civil Revival, Filing Bankruptcy
Dealing as a Trustee for bankruptcy
Maintenance of credit (bond) from bankrupted customers
Conveyance of Management
Marketing and Advertising to revamp sick companies


Superior counsel in billion yen taxation cases

Intellectual Property

Having spent many years fighting for copyrights disputes, this area is growing rapidly in our firm.


A member of International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates ( IFTTA ). Will be expanding this area of practice


As member of the auditory committee for exchange regarding futures we have dealt with Tokyo Commodities (TOCOM) for several years, this is another area of expertise.


Estate Management
Damages/Compensation Regarding Various Claims

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